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rave with me
test [17 Sep 2012|12:23am]


rave with me


THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION will be playing a live set of industrial strength psytrance at the "Love" event in Hollywood (Miami) FL on February 14th, 2007 (Valentine's Day). This event is going to be well worth the drive. Its at Club X-it (219 North 21st Avenue Hollywood, Florida 33020). I can't wait to see them live! This event is going to be huge.

rave with me
hey [29 Jul 2005|02:57pm]

Whats going on. I have a question does are community do any premoting?

2 ravers rave with me
hello [26 Mar 2005|02:36pm]

[ mood | blank ]

hey.. im pamela. im kinda new with the whole joining communities.

well. im from Cd. juareZ ... thats in Mexico if you all didnt know. jeje

mmm i love raves- if you want check out my journal, and if you keep scrolling down, you will see pics of raves that ive been too.



rave with me
yooooooo [25 Apr 2002|11:23am]

[ mood | high ]

eh whats tha deal?

Any good parties or concerts going down soon?

rave with me
[27 Mar 2002|11:56pm]
[ mood | :slits wrists: ]

so maybe i*m having to worst day of my life, but you don*t care.

i changed the info and shit. fucking like it.

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kik.. 18 ...wheeee [26 Mar 2002|12:23pm]
hiya everyone..well, my 18th birthday is finally happening. April 5th.. i*m going to buzz nations, in DC, to get fucked up...and be stupid..if anyone is around that area, and just happen to want to come to a club, come to buzz, find me...and wish me a happy b-day guys<3<3 *:D toodles<3kik

rave with me
party in southwestern VA 3.30.02 [26 Mar 2002|12:04pm]

The KGB proudly presents:


30 March 2002
9 pm - 2 am

Maxwell's Restaurant and Bar
1204 North Main Street, Blacksburg
(Right next to Eats natural food store)

Please join us for an evening filled with mystery, intrigue, and a
refined selection of drum 'n' bass, deep house, and nu-skool
breakbeat, shaken not stirred.

Featuring special agents:

PARIAH (Steel Wheel Science, Lounge Affair, 90.7FM WUVT)

(12-1AM) Blacksburg's house music hero will grace the
decks with his veteran mixing skills and his unfailing
selection of deep, funky, trippy house and moving two-step garage.

MENGDA (The KGB, Sonickteam, 90.7FM WUVT)

(1-2AM) The Philadelphia drum 'n'bass prodigy
returns to close out the night with his unmatched
turntablist technique and diverse, expansive repertoire.


(11-12PM) Smooth, sophisticated, and uncompromisingly
jazzy. Doctrine's unique style will infuse the evening with
drum 'n' bass that exudes liquid funk and sould.

Michael Love (The KGB)

(10-11PM) Fans of dirty nu-skool breakbeat should not miss
this set of banging, funky rthythms and massive, seething bass
delivered in relentless up-front fashion.

Mike Reich (The KGB)

(9-10) Starting off the night on a dark and mysterious note,
Mike will set the mood with his brand of brooding, creepy,
futuristic ambiance.

Admission will only be $4, so come out and support your local DJs!

For more information:
call 951-1590

Please visit our new website at http://www.k-g-b.com for information
on current and future events, DJ biographies, and online mixes.

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intro [12 Mar 2002|01:23pm]

[ mood | chillen ]

hey I'm jen, living in blacksburg and going to school at virginia tech. I'm into nu-skool breaks, drum n bass, and sometimes I dig trance. I find it funny that the only mention of music in the interests is "techno" and the rest is mostly drugs and shit but oh well ;)

anybody else party in the sw area? is this community pro or anti party postings? :)

rave with me
[05 Mar 2002|04:29pm]

find out which LJ user you might be.

rave with me
*Jumps off the Bridge* [21 Feb 2002|11:06pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Well, everyone else seems to be introducing themselves, so I'll follow the crowd here.

My name's Heather (friends call me Shi-chan), I'm 18 and I live in Lynchburg. *gag* I graduated from high school in June and am currently being a bum living with my parents with no job. I need a job. I need $. Yup.



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High [30 Jan 2002|08:51am]

[ mood | awake ]

Here is the DL on me.

Name: Mike Sawyer
Location: Hampton, VA
School: Phoebus High School *we are the state champs in football this year, anyone heard of us?*
Hobbies: chillen with my girl jen, playing baseball and basketball

anyone near Hampton?

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[29 Jan 2002|07:37am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

HI, My name is Elizabeth and I live in Norfolk, near VA beach. I stumbled upon this community the other day, and decided to come on in! Well, Hello, I look forward to whatever this community is about.

Me, I'm 17 and go to Catholic High, where I'm a junior. It's not too bad, even though they say it is.

rave with me
[28 Jan 2002|01:24am]
the k is daNK

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Hey! [26 Jan 2002|11:15pm]

Hey everybod*E! Anyone from Richmond? :)

2 ravers rave with me
[23 Jan 2002|01:54pm]
i was wonderin if anyone from from williamsburh..or anywhere near it...

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hey everyone [23 Jan 2002|01:30pm]
Just wanting to say hey. Is anyone here from around Roanoke? If so, did you use to go to the Valley Center?

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high [22 Jan 2002|11:18pm]

[ mood | cold ]



1 raver rave with me
[22 Jan 2002|08:56pm]
[ mood | dorky ]


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